Valentino Market - "The Best"corner market in in the WEST!

About Us

Elie Chahwan originally from Lebenon, has spent over 25 years in San Francisco nurturing his pride and joy - Valentino Market. The "regulars" are lovingly called the 'Valentinians'. Feels more like an extended family on our corner than a grocery. In fact, it's practically an institution.


You name it and Elie (EELEE) can provide it. From beer, wine, candy, bananas or even a winning lotto ticket- a visit to Valentino Market will truly make your day.

Come in and say Hello! Stay a while. We don't mind!


Come in, grab a cup of Joe and ask...Elie will be happy to tell you the whole story!!


"Pick up a pack of cigs and a rich bottle of wine and enjoy the friendliest service around." -- Marla, San Francisco

"We left SF 2 years ago and still cannot stop thinking of our beloved Valentino Market. We have many fond memories and miss the "mayor of Cow Hollow." -- The Hanovers, Memphis, TN